Saturday, November 24, 2007


Scatterday T
It's Scatterday again and today's letter is T.

Hot Things: It's a Tap Pepper Grinder, it used to have a hot on it but that fell off, but pepper itself it a bit hot.

Purple: It's a teddy bear that I gave my mum ages ago, which now lives on her bed.

Clothing: it's some ties (and there are some purple ones in there). Next to this rack of ties is another one, and there are normally quite a few ties that haven't been put away as well.


Jodie said...

I love the 'hot' tap, that is awesome.

Dy said...

What an excellent pepper grinder, I bet it makes it easier to twist it too. Great choice!

Michelle Watters said...

Snap on the ties. I thought everyone would do trousers. I love that tap grinder. Never seen anything like it. All good. How about weapons???

Anonymous said...

Love your choices. That grinder is really something. I had my husbands ties in my hands the other day, and I still never thought of them.

Di's SnippitS said...

Nice photos. We too have a tie tack like that but it belongs to my daughter as she has taken all my DH's ties to wear herself.