Tuesday, January 16, 2007

70s crafty goodness

I got this book the other day, and it's just fabulous! I'm not sure if there are any projects that I'd actually make, but I love it just for the tackiness value.

First we have the cover, and while the frog and toilet roll holder and blanket (which isn't actually in the book, I guess it was too tasteful) aren't too bad, it slowly gets worse with the poodle doorstop (the blue thing, which is apparently useful as well as ornamental) and the tulle rabbit (this book has an entire section on tulle). The tulle rabbit's description actually states that 'everyone who sees him will want you to make one for them' and 'no one will pass without comment'. Probably, but I'm not sure that they'd be complementary comments. I'm also questioning why you'd make a soft toy out of something that's not all that soft?

Then we have another tulle creation, perfect for the man in the house, this toilet and cistern cover. To be honest, I'd think a requirement for bathroom things is normally 'easy to clean' but I guess sometimes you need to sacrifice practicality for style.

And finally, we have this adorable monkey string holder. I can't say much about this one apart from "I'm scared".


Tracey said...

I love this blog! I have a craft blog too.

littlemissmeshell said...

Oh man, that monkey is freaking scary! Perhaps I shall have to make the pouffy pink toilet goodies for Mr M as part of his boy sewn things package =P

I think that frog would make a cool hot pack =)

librarylass said...

I do believe that both the monkey and the rabbit qualify for the 'chucky's coming to get me' category. seriously scary dude!

Anonymous said...

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