Friday, January 05, 2007


I love reading Miss Meshell's blog* . She makes and features lots of pretties. Anyway, her birthday is soon after Christmas so I thought I'd send her a package of random goodies, because it's lots of fun, and I love crafting for people who appreciate it. I'm posting it now because I stuck the Christmas and birthday presents in one post.

As well as these hand made goodies, I sent her a couple of bookcrossing books, and some postcards.

Ooooh, a pretty crocheted panta. Pattern from here

The pattern for the red and green flower (at the moment my favourite crocheted flower) is from here and the other two are from here

Hee hee hee, I was having fun with shiny beads and grommets, so it's an interactive card.

*Meshell, I'll be sending you the advertising bill soon.


littlemissmeshell said...

Bahaha *slips you the money* Thanks girl =P

You are SO freaking wonderful! I can't get into my email so I'll write you a huge message instead...the panta is absolutely MAGNIFICENT! The colours are so, so gorgeous and I love the graduations, oh it is so perfect! Thank you SO much, I squealed when I opened it and I'm so glad I waited to open it on my proper Birthday, it is so special =) I'm so excited to read The Hours! And I haven't seen the movie either so it will be great not knowing what is happening, I'm about 1/4 through The Waves, I've been reading it in my lunchbreak at work and I love it! I just love how she writes.

Mr M was stressing that his Birthday card wasn't 'good enough' and I was like, you're right...look at THIS! LOL =P

And you know how much I absolutely loved all my Chrissy presents so I wont blabber on much more, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU! And now I can wire up that third flower to add to your vase, so pretty!

I'll post pics soon too =)

Meshell xox

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you liked it all and I hope you had a fantastic birthday!