Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little squares

For the 2007 Bookcrossing Unconvention (in the UK, I'm not going!) a UK Bookcrosser is making a blanket to raffle off and taking contributions of 10cm x 10cm squares (or 4" x 4") so I got inspired to make a few to send off.

The top left is crossed stitches, top right is a Hawaiian square. Bottom left is spike stitch (in Aussie green and gold) and bottom right is a mitred square.

It was a good opportunity to try out some new stitches, and it's a nice small package to send overseas!

I just feel very sorry for the poor girl who has volunteered to sew all of these together.


librarylass said...

they are, as always, beautiful squares Lindsey, I especially love the purple one and the mitred one.

Feel sorry in advance for the poor people who have to stitch these babies together.

Lindsay said...

Thanks very much! It's nice to be able to make some little projects, but not worry about stitching them together! And I can feel good about contributing to something too.