Friday, January 12, 2007

My Boys

So these are my boys, and I miss them a lot when I'm in Adelaide, although last time I went home they initially ignored me because they weren't very happy with me for going away for so long, luckily after a day they forgave me.

This is Deefa and this photo was only set up a little bit. He came and lay on all the sheets in the laundry and then I tucked him in a bit, but as he was still like that 10 minutes later I then took a photo. Deefa is a big softy.

This is Barney and he's a bit more naughty, but just as loveable. His favourite game is sneaking out the house if someone has left a gate or door open. He just goes across the road, but if you don't notice he gets bored and comes back, and he manages to have a specific "I've been on an adventure" look, which lets us know that he's very proud of himself for tricking us, and that we have to go and check all the gates. For some reason Deefa never goes on those adventures, we're not sure if it's because he's being good, or he just doesn't realise the possibilities for escape (he's not the smartest dog around!)

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librarylass said...

I love the pics of your beautiful dogs!!! They sound absolutely delightful!!!