Monday, August 27, 2007

More Swap Goodness

I've had quite a productive weekend this weekend (well, Friday and Saturday anyway. Sunday was a write off because my sister kept me up all night with a party...she even barged into my room at 3am and stole all my dress up costumes...then everyone jumped into the pool with them five minutes later - so she's got some replacing to do). Apart from that over the weekend I managed to:
- Tidy out my cupboard - including resorting out my fabric and washing more of it
- Clean my room
- Dust and vacuum my room
- Strip and make my bed (that would have happened anyway)
- Sort out my bookcase
- Polish my shoes
- Clean my fan
- One CAL square
- Embroidered two TAST bookmarks
- Started making some Christmas presents

My room wasn't actually that bad but now it's lovely...except for the damaged dress up box sitting in the corner waiting for my sister to sort it out.

In other news I received another parcel from the Aussie Shop the Swap (Yay!). This was from Velvet Rose and had a Rapunzel Scarf and 100g of Merino-Border Leicester Slivers. Now on with the Spinning!

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