Saturday, August 25, 2007


I decided to join in the Scatterday challenge from Random Applique for a couple of reasons, to make myself take more photographs, blog more often, and also share a bit more about myself.

Scatterday 1

This weeks letter was L, and the categories were animals, food and sewing. There are four pictures because my two dogs won't sit together helpfully.

First we have animals (because I thought they'd look better next to each other) and their breed is Labradoodles (ok, so actually a cross breed but never mind). On the left is Deefa and on the right is Barney. They're getting on a bit, nearly eleven now, but still doing pretty well. One day I'd like to spin some of their fur up and make something. Ignore all the beer bottles behind Barney, my dad has just started home brewing and is collecting them. Although it would be nice if he'd move them into the garage.

Next we have food, which is lemons, because we had quite a few of them hanging around.

Finally for sewing, we have location (I may be stretching it a bit here). There isn't really a good spot for me to set up my sewing machine so it gets put in front of my computer (which is probably why I don't sew as often as I'd like). I have on occasion been sewing and tried to check my email (or craftster, or bloglines) at the same time which involves me putting my arm through the machine to use the keyboard. I'm that addicted to the internet.


Dy said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks for joining in! Deefa dog - very funny :-)
I like your sideways thinking with 'location'!

librarylass said...

Go your pretty dogs, they look like the could really cuddle in cold weather.

p.s, bloglines, craftster and email also rule my world. :D

Michelle Watters said...

Love your Scatterday photos Lindsay. I had a Labrador for my L. Gorgeous dogs. I have two Beagles. I'll have to wait for B to come up!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad everyone likes my doggy photos. They're nice and cuddly but we normally get them clipped in the summer and they haven't grown back completely yet so they get more shaggy!

Liz Needle said...

Great photo choices Lindsay. Glad you are joining in this challenge. It is fun.