Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A project from my first spinnings

I've been very good and used the first thing I've spun up to make a beanie.

I've wanted to make a slouchy hat for a little while and I got some compliments on this when I wore it out which was nice. The pattern was from here.

I really should get an action shot but it's very hard to take a picture of your own head and there isn't anyone else around.


librarylass said...

That looks lovely! Looks like it would be a nice lacy white thing.

How does it feel when you say that it is handspun AND hand made? :D

Lindsay said...

I'm so impressed with myself for it being handspun and hand made...and also the fact that I didn't leave my hand spun yarn lingering for months while I agonised over what to use it for.