Monday, August 20, 2007

Swap Goodies

I received a lovely parcel today from cyndiq, as part of the Aussie only Shop the Swap on craftster.

I got a gorgeous crochet hook pouch, which is fully lined with pockets for hooks and has a cute beaded zipper pull. I can see this will be handy for reducing the number of things dragging around with my crochet. At the moment I had various balls of yarn, scissors, measuring tape, hook roll, pattern. Now I can put my active hook, scissors, measuring tape and probably pens/pencils and bits of paper in the pouch.

I also got this lovely domino pendant. Isn't it cute! Now just to go somewhere that I can wear it.

1 comment:

librarylass said...

Nice haul! Cyndiq does really lovely necklaces as a rule