Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beaded Bookstrings

It's funny how life gets interrupted sometimes. I meant to post this yesterday, but I spent most of the day doing nothing and trying to sleep because I had to check a dog every two hours over Friday night. I did however, manage to fall out of my bed at about 2pm Saturday, which I think is a bit of an achievement. I wasn't even actually asleep at the time, I think I was reaching over for a book or something. But today, with a little more sleep under my belt (it's good stuff) I managed to get motivated enough to get my camera out, and I even went outside in an attempt to get some sunlight in the photos. Unfortunately the background is a bit dodgy, I might have to try somewhere else next time, or I'll just keep taking poorly lit indoor photos.

In my ongoing quest to make little going away presents for everyone at work before I leave (only three weeks to go, but I've only got 3 to go...just need some ideas as they're new people who I don't know that well!) I made some beaded bookstrings.

They were very easy to make, and I think they look very pretty. To make them take some beads that look attractive together, something to string them on and some crimps. String a crimp, a seed bead (if the other beads have holes that are too big) the beads that you want on that end, and another seed bead. Then skip the end seed bead and restring the other beads and the crimp. Crimp the crimp, cut the short end of your stringing material and you've done one end. Then measure up your stringing material to the desired length, and add enough to pass through the beads again plus a little extra and repeat the stringing procedure.

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librarylass said...

Hey! I love your beaded bookstrings! Such a practical, good idea, plus the way you have the different shades of blue and green look really lovely. :D

P.s. Thanks for adding me to your contacts on flickr!