Thursday, February 08, 2007

Naughty me

Ok, so I shouldn't be buying stuff at the moment, because I've got to drag it all the way back to Melbourne in a couple of weeks. But of my friends heard about a reuse centre called 'That's Not Garbage' and so we went to have a look.

They had tons of inspiring stuff but I just got a fairly small bag which set me back about $2.50 and is an amount of stuff that I can justify taking home.


librarylass said...

A smattering of things to tide you over... it looks like you got fabric as well? I think that;s a steal for $2.50

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I think I got about 20 Canteen bandanna's. I'm tempted to collect more in different colours now and make some kind of a quilt eventually. Plus I got some D rings, paper, pain chips, random sticky foam things. It was fun!