Saturday, February 17, 2007

Felted bookmark

I made this bookmark at a wet felting course I did. It was lots of fun, and helped with some of the intimidation I had about having a go (it's really easy). The bookmark was for a friend of mine who is doing a creativity course so I knew it would be appreciated, and hoped it would also provide a bit of inspiration. She was very happy with it, so that's good! I initially made a bigger piece but it was too wide for a bookmark, so I cut it down and did some bright blanket stitch around the edge which brought it all together nicely.


kirsty said...

Love the colours, Lindsey! I did a felting class last year. My hands ached for a week!!

librarylass said...

That is one psychadelic bookmark. I'm glad she loved it, because that thing is too groovy for words!