Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've just got one and a bit more days in Adelaide. On Saturday morning I'm driving back to Melbourne (and hoping everything fits in my car!). I was going to get help moving but my mum and dad are both overseas (separately) so I've got a long drive by myself...without airconditioning - although the current weather report my computer is giving me is 26*C, so it doesn't sound too bad. I also dropped a few boxes off to get put on the train back to Melbourne the other day, so I'm not trying to take everything I've accumulated over the last year back.

So I'll probably be posting next from Melbourne, and I'll get to play with my sewing machine. Lots of fun!


librarylass said...

Good luck moving to another state! My thoughts are with you dude!


littlemissmeshell said...

Yaaaaay, that means I can start getting your package together soon =) Good luck!