Sunday, February 25, 2007

Glass Platter

I arrived back in Melbourne last night without any problems, it was a long drive but it's good to be home, although I think I'll be unpacking and sorting things out for at least a week. I'm already making a pile of clothes I haven't worn in the last year, which I suppose is what you get for moving out, but still keeping a heap of stuff with your parents.

Just before I left Adelaide I did a four week glass fusing and slumping course, which was really cool, and I made this platter which I'm really proud of.

This picture shows the whole thing:

And this is a close up of the center with the gorgeous dichroic glass (expensive, but lovely) and some fingerprints!


littlemissmeshell said...

That is so beautiful! WOW. Fabulous job, that would be an awesome class to take. I love the teeny bits of dichroic glass and the wonderful texture in the blue part. And the slightly curved edges!

Good luck with getting all organised! When you have a minute would you be able to send me your new addy? But no rush! I have something else that I think is perfect to add to your package too, I hope it will be useful! =)

Rosie said...

Hey there,

It's great to see this - not at all how I imagined from your descriptions! i love how the strands are so subtle within the blue. And the dichroic glass really reminds me of paua shells from New Zealand.

Beautiful and minimal and very chic!

(I'll put up completed pig photos in a couple of days, so you can see what I was talking about all this time!)