Friday, September 14, 2007

Aaargh Matey! We have treasure!

I've always been jealous reading other peoples blogs when they have a really fantastic thrift shop/op shop find. I've found good bits and pieces but nothing that's got me really excited...until now that is.

I took this random tied up plastic bag which looked like it had some zippers and stuff in it to the counter along with some other stuff I'd bought and asked if the whole bag was for sale. After some brief consultation the two women decided it was, and priced it at $5. Look was I got!

I'm so impressed...although it probably means I need to learn how to sew a zip now! It also made my day a lot better, I'd been working on what was supposed to be my day off, and it ended up being so quiet it wasn't really worth me coming in. Never mind, I bought some good craft goodies.

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librarylass said...

Awesome haul! Fortunately there are a stack of 'sew zips for absolute idiots' guides out there (I seem to have most of them bookmarked lol) and... all that for $5!! NICE!