Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Personal Swap Goodies

When I was in the Aussie Shop the Swap I ended up doing a personal swap with cmc_aust, related to another swap we're both in, the Aussie Embroidery Tour swap/round robin. I've embroidered three items (including mine) so far, but I'll wait until the end to post all the pictures and keep it a surprise.

Anyway, she sent me some lovely hand spun and hand dyed yarn (isn't it pretty!).

She also sent me some additional squares to embroider for her quilt (she's sending squares for the tour), which I won't show yet (because they haven't been embroidered). Although it should mean I'm ahead for the next part of the swap, because even if I don't get the original square done I'll have at least one to send on. I think by the end of the year I may want a break from embroidery!

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