Saturday, September 08, 2007


My creation
Once again it's Scatterday and here are today's photos.

Today's letter is R, and the categories are the plant world, the arts and childhood.

First we have a rose which is in a bouquet of flowers sister, but it was one of the easiest things to find.

Next we have two photos which fit both the arts and childhood categories, and they are relatives. It's my aunt and uncle and I skillfully drew them when I was 5. My uncle kept them and then framed them and gave them to me for my twenty first birthday, which I think was a pretty amazing thing to do.


Dy said...

Beautiful rose and impressive artistic skills for a little tacker! How cool that your uncle gave them back to you, had you forgotten them?

librarylass said...

Those are lovey (and cute) pictures, how thoughtful of your uncle to frame them and give them back!

Michelle Watters said...

You are a very clever cookie. Two categories for the price of one! I love those drawings and what a lovely gift on your 21st.

Lindsay said...

Thanks. It was a complete surprise getting the pictures and I couldn't remember drawing them at all.

Liz Needle said...

You are so lucky to have memories of your childhood like those. I have absolutely none of mine and I now regret that I didn't keep any stuff for my own children.
Somehow it never seemed important until it was too late.