Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's Scatterday and here's my entry!

Scatterday 2

Today is brought to us by the letter G...with the categories vehicle, colour and household item.
First up we have a goat cart (not my picture, I borrowed it from here because I couldn't come up with a g vehicle, but a goat cart it pretty cool.

Next we have colour and green, because it's better than grey (which I thought about) and all my green embroidery threads, aren't they pretty.

Finally we have a household item, and graters. Do you think four graters (actually one of them comes with an additional grater attachment - see Dy's blog for more, that one is my favourite too!) is a little excessive for one household, especially as we really don't use them that often? Two of them I've never used. But they are shiny...


Michelle Watters said...

Fabulous Lindsay. I love all your photos. Graters have been a very popular item. No other Goat Carts though!

Dy said...

Great photos Lindsay! Do you love your Ikea grater as much as I do? :-)

Crafty librarian said...

oooh, shiny things - you can never have too many of those!