Saturday, September 29, 2007


Scatterday W
It's Scatterday and this weeks letter is W.

First of all we have a black thing, my wallet. Always too many receipts and not enough money. Anyone else have that problem?

Then we have tools, and whisks, more kitchen utensils I guess, but I reckon they're close enough. I don't believe I've got any interesting whisk stories though...

Finally we have games, and a wooden game chest
. There is also a Where's Wally jigsaw puzzle in there, but basically the whole thing needs a good sort out. Although it's not high on any to do lists.


Jodie said...

if only I had thought of a black wallet! Glad I am not alone on the whisk though!


Michelle Watters said...

Very impressive Lindsay. I too had a wallet though it only occurred to me at the last minute. That games chest looks like fun. I like games!